Martin's workout

I went to Martin's to train today. We had a ridiculous workout. Throughout the circuit, my heart was banging like a heavyset metronome on it's highest setting, my head was spinning and every muscle on me ached. Usually I would quit way before that at my mental break threshold, however Martin pushed and encouraged me to keep on going. Truly a great trainer. We did...

Warm up, light sprints, rope circuit, then...

 {sprint 35 seconds, upright rows, over head press} 3 sets

{sprint 35 seconds, hammers 25reps} 3 sets

{sprint 35 seeconds, jack knives, trunk twists}3 sets

Afterwards, I had a small window of time not accounted for in my day's schedule. I was in manhattan by 11 and I didn't have to be at Brooklyn college until 2. I decided to go for a drive. I cruised down the bqe and into Brooklyn. I stopped by prospect park for the first time. I've always wanted to check it out ever since my NYC comfort zone expanded into this borough in 2008. I sat by prospect lake and hung out with the ducks while the big lake layout in front of me brightly rippling with the breeze and sunshine. I can't wait until practice tonight. I'm improving, and there is nothing else that feels better than that. Brooklyn college 2-3, judo my dojo 5-630. Judo Nyac 730-9. Not too shabby. Time for my meal. I'm going to throw down this chicken wrap.

morning sunshine and protein shakes

As the light splintered into my room from between the horizontals of my blinds, my alarm clock signaled the beginning of another hard week. My day began with a nice morning lift. My limbs pumped iron for a good 45 minutes like the pistons of a diesel fueled engine. I left the gym feeling great. It was 830am on Monday morning. Morning sunshine warmed my face as the cool spring breeze chilled my back. I drank my protein shake and I was ready to conquer this week for the best. I ate perfect today. rice and egg whites, protein shake, zone bar and nuts, low fat tuna sandwich, zone bar and asai drink, lemon chicken sandwich, and maybe some grilled chicken in an hour.

So I am off to a great start this week. I will be a better man through my upcoming experiences this week. I am already one day better than yesterday. Speaking of self-improvement, some of you may know about my religious philosophies and suchsuch. I don't want to touch upon anything controversial on my blog, but here goes. My god is my maximum potential. Many people have their belief system where they worship external beings of higher power. However, my pursuit of the unfathomable understanding of the Universe is internal. I am not saying I don't believe in God. So easy fellow human beings! My point here is this... Morning sunshine and protein shakes. Full potential here I come! 2009 National Champion!

Monday funday, Delicious candy realization

Hi all.  Today was a great day for me.  One day closer to achieving my goals, one day a better man!  I ate perfectly square meals timed 3 hours apart.  Protein shake for breakfast, brunch, post workout shake, lunch, protein bar, and then dinner.  I got my heavy lift in and it felt great.  Although the amount on the barbells and dumbells have decreased in the recent months due to side effect of weight loss, I felt envigorated during my Iron time.   Went to teach at brooklyn college after my lift and then To judo.  I had a pop in my steps as my Ipod sang tunes through my earbuds.  I was nearing the Dojo and I couldn't wait to get there.  I drilled with my guys and fought hard. Diet!~~ Today I walked by some advertisement of my favorite sweets.  I immediately repeated to myself, "Poison poison!"  (Martin Rooney's magic phrase.  Thanks!)  And at that moment I came to stunning realization. I looked back on the many times I felt powerless encountered by my demon.  Each and every one of those times when I teetered on my decision whether or not to have the candy, the words 'I deserve it'  entered my mind... Then I ate.   Oh yes, I consumed.  On those occasions I have single handedly broken my psychological threshold Of Will Power.  It is like when you wake up in the morning for class and have a itch in your throat or the smallest sniffle, and say to yourself, 'I'm sick'...  Then BOOM! it's OVER!  You will get full blown influenza and you will NOT go to class.    So yes, that is my self-discovery snapple fact of the day.  Don't let that little voice enter your mind.  If you do, it's over.  If any of you guys have little tricks of your own I would love to know.  Thanks for reading!

This week

So what does this coming week have enstored for me?  I am going to eat perfect, work out hard and live productive towards my goals.   I have been on a strict dietary regimen for the past 2 months and I lost over 20lbs.  Up until December, my obesssion was size and power.  I ate whatever whenever while lifting as heavy as I can as frequent as I can.  I weighed 243 pounds, deadlifting 475 and benching 315 for 2.  I felt great in the gym and was satisfied with my size, however I did not feel optimal on the mat.  I was sluggish and not-so-explosive.  My Judo is best when my throws feel sharp, I'm aggresive and agile so my physique didnt supplement my fighting Style.  My biggest weapon, explosivity and speed has suffered from my weight gain.  After my birthday, it was time for me to start shedding the fat while trying to keep my mass.  My biggest dilemma now is, Do I want to cut down to 90kgs?  Would I be more successful at that lower weight?  I have a lot of thinking to do.

Judo... I am going to work more on my left side Sode.  Also, Creating motion to set up foot sweeps so I can open up my opponent up for my major throws.  I want to drill my Uchimata many times and do throws with Torazo.   Oh and I definitely have to work on gripping strategies.  Also Newaza for certain.  I want to be more confident being on the ground.  

Lifting...  I am going to do a very very Heavy day Monday.  Possibly max deadlift, heavy bench press, heavy pull downs, heavy dumbell rows and a light weight, high repetition shoulder circuit.  Wednesday or thursday after i recover from my heavy monday lift, I will do high repetition on the lifts and do Contour motions with resistance bands and light dumbells. I believe for Judo I need to work not only linear compound lifts but also stregnthen torquing motion by going through natural curves and contours with light weight.