World baseball classic

I absolutely love competition  Whether I am involved in the meat of it, a spectator on the sidelines or in front of a television, I absolutely love it.  I am not competitive about everything though.  I can accept defeat on certain things and take the back seat when I am supposed to.  But when it comes to sports I can not!  I don't follow professional sports like I used to, but on occasion I do like to watch the best work their magic in their respective crafts.  Anything world related in the realm of competitive sports interests me greatly.  The Olympics is a great example.  To me the Olympics are sacred. Every throw, every match, every race and every moment gives me profound poignancy.  Determination, perseverance, heart, courage, all the best qualities a human can possibly possess is tested maximally to determine the best of the best through this World involved competition. Anyways, the world baseball classic is in session.  Korea defeated Venezuela last night to advance to the finals against the Japanese who just beat the Americans tonight.  I was very impressed with the Asian teams.  Not to generalize, but in my opinion, the non-asian Major Leaguers preponderate the asian baseballers.  Yes I said it.  The average American professional athlete seem to be bigger and stronger.  My observation doesn't just end there however.  The awestruck moments I experienced in front of my tv with my family were the moments the smaller, physically inferior athletes took it to the big guns with precisely, the Judo philosophy.   I was so amazed with their skill, strategy and perfection of field manueverance, I couldn't help but be astonished.  Tomorrow evening.  Japan vs Korea.  Check out it if you can, I would love to hear your thoughts about this great rivalry!