Wednesday madness

Today was a beautiful day.  I was Feeling productive and powerful, flowing through the streets of New York City... I couldn't ask for more.    Today was a wednesday.  My usual routine.  Workout, work, Judo Judo.  The first Judo at my father's school, and the second judo practice at the NYAC. The New York Open is approaching fast.  John who runs tournament told the AC Judo athletes today that 2/3's of the competitors are from overseas.  It's going to be a tough one.  The NY Open is the only tournament I have not medalled at in the United States that I have competed in.  THIS IS MY YEAR!  The Tournament is March 8th at the New York Athletic club so if you can make it, you would Catch World class Judo at its finest.

One of my favorite quotes I want to share with you...  "The Youth is Wasted on the Young." I don't know who said it, but I believe it to be so true.  When you're an old man like me, you realize that those days when your ignorance made you believe youth would never end has Long been gone.  And when you're knowledgable enough to do damage, you start to miss your well-lubricated and flexible joints.  Its too late... The young and stupid have the Knees and shoulders YOU need to succeed.  And yes I am old beacuse my joints ache.  But on a serious note, Embrace your youth!  Get strong, be heatlhy.  You are younger today than you will be tomorrow.  Even if youre 50 (Blake, Big Bill).  So there a piece of my Old man wisdom.  Have a great night.