Training week

Hey guys, thanks for checking in.  My week has been great.  I have been productive all week long and kept my nutrition on track very tightly.  I have cruised through my post-loss blues and I must say, on this Friday night, there is not a hint of lingering heartache from my recent defeat.   On Monday and tuesday for the NY Open training camp, I had the pleasure of being able to fight with many of the top teams from overseas.  Amongst them, the stand outs were the Japanese team, Mr.Konno (2x All-Japan Champ, Japanese team coach), the Olympic Gold Medalist Ole Bichoff and the NY Open Champion from my weight class, Bjork Bachman (Germany).  I must say I was very impressed with their skill.  I was humbled to the floor with their Judo knowledge and their Physical prowess.  The best way to explain how I felt Monday and Tuesday is through a quote I read recently on the Subway.

"I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me." ~ Sir Isaac Newton

I've learned so much Judo between my loss to Scott Edwards and the two days of training with these guys.  I need to sharpen my tools and get bigger, stronger and faster.  2009 National Champion!