Torazo took 2nd at the Junior Nationals this past weekend in the 90kgs division.  He fought with so much heart and determination, I was very proud of him.  He lost his 1st match but then came back by winning 4 straight.  On his route to the finals, he earned his long deserved 'W' against his long time rival.  He has lost to him many times before but this was his day.  He dominated the match.  He controlled his opponent with better hand positioning.  He flowed in and out of moves and graced the mat like Sarah Hughs does ice.  He owned the moment by marionetting every aspect of motion in the contest area.  Every jerk served a purpose, every twist a set up, every pop with meaning.  As the match progressed in the direction of Torazo's will, I slowly began to see the overall picture.  Torazo was setting up his favorite move.  And in that EXACT moment I realized what he was doing, his nemesis was in the air, vertical, falling to his back from a perfectly executed Uchimata.   Some of my career defining moments of my own are the matches that I defeated my rivals for the first time.  It was very heartwarming for me to watch my student enjoy this experience.  Congratulations Torazo, you deserve it.

Although this isn't a picture of the match I am talking about, I thought I would share it with you.  I got this off of