This week

So what does this coming week have enstored for me?  I am going to eat perfect, work out hard and live productive towards my goals.   I have been on a strict dietary regimen for the past 2 months and I lost over 20lbs.  Up until December, my obesssion was size and power.  I ate whatever whenever while lifting as heavy as I can as frequent as I can.  I weighed 243 pounds, deadlifting 475 and benching 315 for 2.  I felt great in the gym and was satisfied with my size, however I did not feel optimal on the mat.  I was sluggish and not-so-explosive.  My Judo is best when my throws feel sharp, I'm aggresive and agile so my physique didnt supplement my fighting Style.  My biggest weapon, explosivity and speed has suffered from my weight gain.  After my birthday, it was time for me to start shedding the fat while trying to keep my mass.  My biggest dilemma now is, Do I want to cut down to 90kgs?  Would I be more successful at that lower weight?  I have a lot of thinking to do.

Judo... I am going to work more on my left side Sode.  Also, Creating motion to set up foot sweeps so I can open up my opponent up for my major throws.  I want to drill my Uchimata many times and do throws with Torazo.   Oh and I definitely have to work on gripping strategies.  Also Newaza for certain.  I want to be more confident being on the ground.  

Lifting...  I am going to do a very very Heavy day Monday.  Possibly max deadlift, heavy bench press, heavy pull downs, heavy dumbell rows and a light weight, high repetition shoulder circuit.  Wednesday or thursday after i recover from my heavy monday lift, I will do high repetition on the lifts and do Contour motions with resistance bands and light dumbells. I believe for Judo I need to work not only linear compound lifts but also stregnthen torquing motion by going through natural curves and contours with light weight.