National Championships

When I woke up Friday for competition, I felt the touch of the World Championship team in the palm of my hands.  The excitement was overwhelming.  The anticipation of victory rang in my chest and I could feel the weight of the medal haning from my neck.  I was prepared and confident.  However I let it all slip away on account of one minor mistake in the Semi-finals against Djamaldin Aliev.  I ended up with a bronze medal instead of gold and the missed oppurtunity to fight in the World trial against the number 1 seed.  When I get hold of my matches, I will post them for you all to see.  The Nationals were an amazing experience not only because of my competition, but my fellow New Yorkers that enganged in War fighting out of the NYAC and the ITC.  Watching the best in the country scrap it out for the title representing the elitist of the elite, I was able to collect ideas for my own personal gain.  For example, some of the final matches were so educational and interesting.  I learned many things I am dying to test out and incorporate into my repertoir of tricks up my sleeve.  Today is the Monday back from the 2009 Nationals.  It's time to get on board and start my training from rough draftship.  Thank you for your support.  Congratulations to my NYAC and ITC fighters.