morning sunshine and protein shakes

As the light splintered into my room from between the horizontals of my blinds, my alarm clock signaled the beginning of another hard week. My day began with a nice morning lift. My limbs pumped iron for a good 45 minutes like the pistons of a diesel fueled engine. I left the gym feeling great. It was 830am on Monday morning. Morning sunshine warmed my face as the cool spring breeze chilled my back. I drank my protein shake and I was ready to conquer this week for the best. I ate perfect today. rice and egg whites, protein shake, zone bar and nuts, low fat tuna sandwich, zone bar and asai drink, lemon chicken sandwich, and maybe some grilled chicken in an hour.

So I am off to a great start this week. I will be a better man through my upcoming experiences this week. I am already one day better than yesterday. Speaking of self-improvement, some of you may know about my religious philosophies and suchsuch. I don't want to touch upon anything controversial on my blog, but here goes. My god is my maximum potential. Many people have their belief system where they worship external beings of higher power. However, my pursuit of the unfathomable understanding of the Universe is internal. I am not saying I don't believe in God. So easy fellow human beings! My point here is this... Morning sunshine and protein shakes. Full potential here I come! 2009 National Champion!