Monday funday, Delicious candy realization

Hi all.  Today was a great day for me.  One day closer to achieving my goals, one day a better man!  I ate perfectly square meals timed 3 hours apart.  Protein shake for breakfast, brunch, post workout shake, lunch, protein bar, and then dinner.  I got my heavy lift in and it felt great.  Although the amount on the barbells and dumbells have decreased in the recent months due to side effect of weight loss, I felt envigorated during my Iron time.   Went to teach at brooklyn college after my lift and then To judo.  I had a pop in my steps as my Ipod sang tunes through my earbuds.  I was nearing the Dojo and I couldn't wait to get there.  I drilled with my guys and fought hard. Diet!~~ Today I walked by some advertisement of my favorite sweets.  I immediately repeated to myself, "Poison poison!"  (Martin Rooney's magic phrase.  Thanks!)  And at that moment I came to stunning realization. I looked back on the many times I felt powerless encountered by my demon.  Each and every one of those times when I teetered on my decision whether or not to have the candy, the words 'I deserve it'  entered my mind... Then I ate.   Oh yes, I consumed.  On those occasions I have single handedly broken my psychological threshold Of Will Power.  It is like when you wake up in the morning for class and have a itch in your throat or the smallest sniffle, and say to yourself, 'I'm sick'...  Then BOOM! it's OVER!  You will get full blown influenza and you will NOT go to class.    So yes, that is my self-discovery snapple fact of the day.  Don't let that little voice enter your mind.  If you do, it's over.  If any of you guys have little tricks of your own I would love to know.  Thanks for reading!