Judo, camaraderie and recovery spa

Judo today at 10am.  Me and a bunch of elite judo guys from the NYC area decided to get together for a workout.  It was about 5-8 of us throughout the entire ordeal.  We started off drilling light and exchanged tricks and ideas.  We studied different entries and gripping sequences and the first hour flew by.  We then went to grip fighting and started doing more aggresive moving uchikomi.  After that, it was all a blur of battered shins, jammed fingers, banging heads and of course throwing and being thrown.  Some of us worked out until about 2pm.  Yes it was on and off, rehydrating and chit-chatting here and there.  After we were all spent, we sat around on the mats talking and joking.  It was great.  There is something about the bond you make with your fellow comrades of the mat.  It is almost as if we are soldiers fighting in the same battles for a common cause.  It is because we all have the mutual effort and pain, we are able to respect eachother and make that friendly relationship.  To my Nyc judokas in my brotherhood, thank you for being on this journey with me. So after the training session, me and anthony went to eat healthy and to a spa to unwind the tensions of our muscles and to mollify the stress of our never-ending War against bad Judo.  For all who is interested, www.nyspacastle.com  That is where we went.  If you live in the NYC area, I highly recommend it.  Yes, it's pricy, but hey it beats a night out on the town.  You spend less without compromising the biochemistry of your body with drugs and alcohol.  What is better?  I don't know, you tell me!