Jimmy Pedro clinic, Ny open

Usually blog entries chronologically parallel the events in the writer's life, but today will be an exception.  I am going to go back to Saturday to write about an experience very much worth mentioning.  So saturday.  Jimmy Pedro, 2x Olympic bronze medalist and World Champion came down to NyC to do a Judo clinic.  It was a privilege to attend.  He is one of the greatest Judo fighters born and bred in the United states.  Yet, he is modest and a champ off the mat as well.  He is a charismatic family man and is a role model to all his students and many of the judo fans out there.  Anyways, He reviewed grip strategies, techniques and Judo tactics.  He had a QandA session as well and I got to ask him a few questions so that was great.  Although I am not new to his clinics, I definitely learned many things.  I am going to incorporate the sode he taught into my arsenal of throws.  The grip fighting tactics against tall left handed fighters will deem beneficial as well.

The Ny open is 4 days away.  I am so excited.  I can't wait to see the faces of the fighters, to be immersed in the crazy of the competitive Judo atmosphere and to pour my training onto the mat.  I put in countless hours in the NYAC gym.  Running and lifting on my days I am supposed to.  When the weights on the barbell seems heavy in that gym, I've pictured that Gym floor covered in tatami's on March 8th, 2009.  T-4days.