It's Time!

Wow, it has been too long since I've written.  For good reason however, I have been extremely busy.  I'm moving back up to Westchester and Nationals is coming up this weekend.  I have been training and running errands day after day.  Well anyway, my condition is tip top.  Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning are tipping the balance beam with 50/50 equilibriation.  I have the perfect balance to enter my tournament comfortably without any cutting weight issues.  I am tapering off from my workouts this week and I got my last lift in just now.  All I have to do is stay loose, drill tomorrow and a treat awaits me on Friday night.  No it's not Ice Cream.  It's something sweeter.  2009 National Champion, World team. I've been 2x junior world team alternate, 2x world team alternate.  This is my year for the big salami.  The planets are in alignment.  Thank you everyone for your support. From my dojo, the people that help me and my training partners.