Its been a while

So I started running 3 weeks ago to supplement my strength and conditioning regimen.  The National Championships are May 1st and I know I will perform the best I have ever.  To do so, I need to train...  Besides for the grueling practices on the mat where I prep my weapons for maximum lethality, I need to work off the mat as well to keep myself in the most efficient condition. In the past, I have been frustrated with my attempts at incorporating running into my daily agenda.  I am heavy set build like a chimp (not champ), have old injuries and have farrr too many fast twitch 2A's to be running for distance.  However, this time around I approached these problems in a algorithmic manner.

1.  Severe Overpronation!  Googled for the right shoes, read dozens of articles and forums.

2.  Knee problems.  Sorbothane insoles to relieve impact...  Thank you Paul for the advice.

3.  Flat feet:  Arch supporting shoes.

4.  Wide feet: Buy 2E's.

So the sum of these problem solving factors, multiplied by my diligent research on the internet leads to the product...The brook's beast '08 with sorbothane insoles.

More coming.......