In the zone

I cancelled my Judo lesson with big strong Al to preserve my body for the tournament, now only a day away.  I woke up rather early anyway to adjust to daylight savings come tournament time.  I stepped on the scale, 212lbs.  I immediately rehydrated, inhaled my protein shake and brewed a nice hot cup of organic coffee.  I flipped open my laptop, popped up google chrome and BOOM!  I checked my email.  My inbox stated that my friend sent me an article from the NY times and I would like to share it with you.

Did you read it?  The article speaks truth about elite athletes and the role psychology plays in performance.  I've had similar experiences where I felt so rapt in the Judo game, that the surrounding universe seemed to be non-existent. It's the ultimate euphoria, sort of similar to the runner's high I guess.   Your interpersonal relationships, insecurities, financial problems, and all the life thrown lemons and such become obsolete.  The immediate task at hand becomes invigorating and you're at the pinnacle of focus without thought.   These are the times when I have fought worthy of carreer highlightship.  The compilation between experience, practice and the so-called-runner's high results in the unconscious mentioned in the article.  Vince Carter, shooting guard for the Nets said, "It’s all about memory through repetition and memory throughout the course of the game," "Most players are at their best when they’re not thinking too much, they’re just playing and immersed in the game and letting the game dictate what they need to do."  

My mental approach to challenging tournaments such as the NY open...  Confidence, relaxation and rest.  Come fight time, focusing on the task at hand, having fun and never giving up.  Unconsciousness, here I come.