I dream and dream

The 2009 Ny Open just happened yesterday and I can't say I am not disappointed with the outcome.  I worked hard and smart, but I fell short once again.  I would like to thank everyone who came to watch my match.  I feel like I let you guys all down, but have faith.  I am dreaming about the upcoming US National Championships in April.  It is back to the drawing board for me on this post-defeat Monday.  I drew many lessons from my loss on Saturday against Scott Edwards (Canada) although the match was very short.  4 things... Seoi nage-block the hip-shoulder roll.  Kata guruma, lapel elbow clinched tight to avoid being countered.  Confidence in attacking on the ground.  High C-knee blocks sprawl-to reverse lift.

Lying on the mat after the referee raised his hand to signal ippon for my opponent was a devastating blow to my Judo ego and self.  I will allow this match to fuel my quest to the top of the Nation.