Getting ready!

I have tapered off from my lifting regimen.  I lifted light for repetition and did mostly calisthenics on thursday.  Push ups, dips, pull ups, chin ups, etc in a circuit training type fashion.  I must confess however, I couldn't fight the urge to fit in a few sets of useless bicep curls for the spring time right around the corner.  My judo practices have been less brutal and I have been focussing more on technique and flow rather than banging heads all out.  I am very much recovered from many of my minor aches.  I am rested and nourished like a fresh baby that just woke up from a nap and drank their formula.  My weight is perfect, tipping the scales at 215 pounds.  The only thing left to do is believe. I believe I will conquer my inner demons and perform, rest assured my friends.  I usually develop a psychosomatic cold a few days before tournament time, but I refused it.  Almost time, almost time.  I am about to stretch with my beloved flexibility trainer and friend Michael Simmon-Pappadakos.  So if I don't hear from you in the meantime, see you all Sunday D-day.