back back

So I am back back in Westchester.  I have moved back home with my parents to focus on my Olympic pursuit...  That and my financial constraints to be honest.  Although being 24 and moving back in with my parents should feel somewhat social developementally regressive, it feels right.  Spending time with my family is great.  I love waking up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen.  My father down the hallway ready to joke and play at whim.  My compassionate mother and her eternal optimism.  And of course my sister with that million dollar smile.  Even though the commute into my regimented life (manhattan) is 30 minutes, I feel as if I have more time in the day to enjoy and take care of me.  I am comfortably living the life of an athlete the way it should be.  With my support system and loved ones close by.  My Judo shall increase exponentially because of my living situation.  So keep checking on me.  I wont let you guys down.   Judo practice was great today.  I had an "on" day.  Tomorrow morning comes heavy morning WEIGHTS!