Garry and Torazo

Boy has it been a great week.  Friday put a nice cap on the weekday workouts, truly a Friday worthy Friday.  Early Judo session with my friend Anthony and Brian, lifted at the New York AC, played some basketball and yes, Judo again at night.  I was informed also that training partner and friend Garry St Leger took a bronze medal at the Pan American Championships.  Congratulations!  Besides for Garry, there were several other American fighters that medalled at the Pan Ams.  US is slowly but surely catching up to World Judo and I am proud to be on the ship moving knot by knot.  Anyways, I am very excited about this weekend.  My protoge/training partner/brother/friend Torazo Karagiannis is going to compete at the Junior Nationals in York PA.  It is his big year and I have a great feeling about his very own 2009.  His goal is the Junior World Championships.  I missed out twice on this oppurtunity.  I was a 2x alternate and it hurt so much.  I really want for Torazo to capture the moment where he holds the letters USA on his back in the Junior World Championship setting.  I am leaving for Pennsylvania now.  Good luck Torazo!