I want to be a minimalist

I want to be a minimalist more than anything in the world.  

Throughout my journey to attain such status, I've bought countless things to de-clutter my life.  I've bought apparatuses to open up the counter top space in my kitchen, to organize desk space, efficient storage furnishings in my living room and plus.  This behavior pattern only led to more clutter.  One day, I realized, I have lost the way in my quest to minimalist living.

How this happen?  I spent days and nights navigating through living space (both virtual and actual), stepping over and around things as if they were obstacles.  Just awful.  After taking a look at my habits, and myself, I noticed I’ve become a victim of consumerism.

Consumerist thinking to me, is an indoctrinated way of life.  It is inorganic. This sort of living is guided by the motto: “I want this, I want that, I need this, I need that, make money, spend money.”

So naturally you can see my conflict.  I wanted simple living and yet, I was affected by consumerist thinking.  Which led me to purchase things in order to have less things.  How can this work?  It cannot…

How can I beat this?

Meta cognitive understanding:  Understand yourself.  Digest this:  how unnatural it is for us to develop attachments to inanimate objects.  I’m not talking about the watch my father gave me upon completion of my Masters Degree, I’m talking about the feeling of ownership when you pick up a free pen at TD bank.  And that ticket stub from going to see Gravity on a memorable date.

Throw/give things away.  Just doing it.  That connection you have with those old jeans you never wear is unnatural and ridiculous!

Only buy things that are essential

So this was just a little self help blog to organize my thoughts.  Let's see how it goes....


Reasons and tips on Waking Up Early


I have been back on my regimen. For about 2 months now, I have been consistently rising up at 5am. I want to start off by telling you the 3 reasons why waking up early is so great. Then, some important notes. Here it is...

1. No interruptions. When I wake up at 5am, I usually go workout. During this time, I have no distractions of outside forces opposing what I truly want to accomplish. For instance, the temptation to go have dinner with a friend over my priorities (things to do in order to accomplish my long term goals) is non-existent at this time. The world is still dark and quiet. The noises of the city streets, the hustle and technology are at minimum and my mind can function clearly. It is just my thoughts, my body and the cool morning air to Do me.

2. Getting a head start. While people are still sleeping, I can use this time to gain an advantage on the people who I am competing against. Simple as that. The early bird gets the worm. You snooze you lose.

3. Organization. I use this time also to plan the rest of my day. Having a clear mental map and timeline of my must dos and want to dos can make my transition from activity to activity a lot easier and seamless. Also, No matter how busy it gets, I can be okay with the fact that I have no time to myself. Because I have already enjoyed growing and doing what I need during the magical hours between 5-7am.

Now for some important notes...
-It is a lot easier to get up early if you go to sleep early.

-If I don't go to sleep early, (get less than 6 hours), my diet will suffer the next day as well. It's easier to make great choices on a well rested mind.

-Fitting in a power nap (20min) can help you beat the 2pm sludgery.

-Plan the night before. My coffee maker is set to go off at 4:30am. The auto-grind of the beans serve as my first line of a string of alarms.

-The path of least resistance. Ie: Coffee ready, bags packed, clothes laid out and food to grab and go... This makes an obstacle free path to smoothly navigate through my morning haze.

-Sleep in on weekends!

Good luck. I can't say it is easy when you start up. But once the benefits seep into the essence of you and you start seeing the benefits of all your hard work, NOT waking up early is going to start being ludicrous.


Judo is forever

Judo is a way of life. My father who started KBI as a branch of Kokushikan university 50 years ago is 75 years old. He is in excellent shape. He taught me that Judo is forever. Why? Let me tell you... The merits of the sport are apparent. Not only does it promote growth in physical aspects (strength, speed, etc), but it also helps the mind flourish. Jigoro Kano developed judo as an education system that encompasses all areas of life. Many sports has the sole mission to build the athlete to acquire a certain skill set and to excel within the realm of the sport itself. However, Judo helps you to become a better citizen of the world.

I believe humans are supposed to reach out and grab someone. To fight, grapple and play. Throw, trip and wrestle. The fight or flight is the most primitive of human responses and I believe Judo training caters to this human need. In the modern tech age, we spend most of our days staring into a glowing rectangle, hunched over our artificial communication centers. Couped up in our 9-5's. Even the food we eat is processed to a point where there aren't any remnants of what nature originally intended for us to consume.

In a world like this, no wonder people fall into the depths of dark psychological abyss. Although I know I am biased through the childhood indoctrination, I believe judo is the Panacea to this pandemic. Throw a gi on, reach out, Grab someone and fight them! But not JUST fight... BUT The way Jigoro kano meant for it to be... In congruence with an education system that develops the mind, body and soul.

Here is a thread about Judo and longevity. Enjoy.

Is judo harsh on the body?