How to be a Judo Fan

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I scarf down my croissanwich as I swipe my creds at the turnstile of my work building. I overhear the desk guy chatting about his Alma Matter’s football team. Michigan playing… (fades into background noise).

The glowing screen of the ticking numbers and the ever evolving spreadsheets start to hurt my eyes, so I decide to take a micro break. I get up and walk down the row of cubicles. I step to the water dispenser and there’s Sam. This is where the inevitable small talk commences. Sam says, “How about them jets?"

"I’m embarrassed to say, I haven’t been keeping up with the Jets, I mean, seriously, Im a Giants fan."

I return to my desk, I go to and do some reading. I pull up the company wide messenger system and send Sam a message. “they are looking pretty awful with Testaverde on the sidelines. HA!” yeah, I’m that guy.

It’s Thursday now, Jesse wants to grab a drink after work. Alright. #Happyhour, #localbar, #nexttowork. The hours pass quickly. We chat about the new hot intern (yea sure Joe, if you were 20 years younger… you’re not fooling anyone.) The efficiency consultant, UGH! As glances to the floating rectangle becomes more and more frequent, the topic of conversation naturally progresses… “Who do you like for this game?”

I'm with my work boys. Amongst us, a die hard fan of whatever team playing. The glory of HIS team, affects him so much. HIs heated fandom is contagious, and although some of us HATE the Patriots, we can’t help being uplifted by the high of Sport.

We go home, watch sports center with a slight headache. We youtube the “SICK interference that lead to the INSANE 80 yard return.” and post the video clip on the Facebook wall of friends and family.


In the same time, same space, same dimension, Anthony, doesn’t eat croissanwiches, goes drinking after work to watch the game, and watch sports center. Instead, he eats Healthy, goes to Judo practice and watches Top 10 Ippons from the most recent Grand Slam.

When he gets to the water dispenser, he doesn’t chat about whether or not Eli Manning is a bum. He chats about something else. Because he isn’t a football fan. He wishes he can chat about Judo and Zantaria’s indomitable will to win. But he is going to have to save that for Friday night at the dojo.

It isn’t easy being a Judo fan. The exposure through mainstream media is nil. Most people don’t talk about it. I would even go ahead and say, 80% of my dojo members don’t know who the current heavy hitters of World Judo are. So here is my attempt, easing the transition into being a true Judo fan.

1. Learn the Rules of Judo Cant watch judo and enjoy if you have no idea what is going on. Im not going to go into it all, but here is a recap. Every competition is in tournament style. Athletes separated by gender and weight. 5 Minute matches, 3 ways to win. Slam your opponent to their back. Submission (arm lock or choke), 25 second hold down.

2. Understanding the International Judo Federation (IJF) In football, we have the NFL. Baseball, MLB. Hockey, NHL. World soccer, I don’t know, who watches soccer? But in Judo, we have the IJF (take a look)

IJF site

The IJF is all things Judo. The biggest governing body.

Every year, the IJF has 4 grand slams, 4 grand prix, and 8 continental opens. They are also in charge of the Continental championships and the World Championships.   Every country hand selects their team. The individual athletes earn points to be on the World Ranking List. Which is used for Olympic Qualifications.

You can find the Rankings at

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.37.56 PM


Go head.  Play around with it.  Take a look at the best in your divison.  Throw their names into Youtube.

3.  Follow the Action!!

You can find the LIVE brackets here.

You can watch the live stream here

If you miss the action, you can always go to these links and watch what you missed.

Lets see what tournaments are coming up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 1.10.35 PM


Now, all you need is a space to communicate your thoughts with a like-minded individual. How about the dojo!!!?


Judo is forever

Judo is a way of life. My father who started KBI as a branch of Kokushikan university 50 years ago is 75 years old. He is in excellent shape. He taught me that Judo is forever. Why? Let me tell you... The merits of the sport are apparent. Not only does it promote growth in physical aspects (strength, speed, etc), but it also helps the mind flourish. Jigoro Kano developed judo as an education system that encompasses all areas of life. Many sports has the sole mission to build the athlete to acquire a certain skill set and to excel within the realm of the sport itself. However, Judo helps you to become a better citizen of the world.

I believe humans are supposed to reach out and grab someone. To fight, grapple and play. Throw, trip and wrestle. The fight or flight is the most primitive of human responses and I believe Judo training caters to this human need. In the modern tech age, we spend most of our days staring into a glowing rectangle, hunched over our artificial communication centers. Couped up in our 9-5's. Even the food we eat is processed to a point where there aren't any remnants of what nature originally intended for us to consume.

In a world like this, no wonder people fall into the depths of dark psychological abyss. Although I know I am biased through the childhood indoctrination, I believe judo is the Panacea to this pandemic. Throw a gi on, reach out, Grab someone and fight them! But not JUST fight... BUT The way Jigoro kano meant for it to be... In congruence with an education system that develops the mind, body and soul.

Here is a thread about Judo and longevity. Enjoy.

Is judo harsh on the body?


Totally unrelated to Judo, but I have really been into art lately. I live near the Metropolitan Museum of art and I have been going regularly. I must say, I don't love ALL of it. I only like the Romantic, Realist and Impressionist paintings. The statues, cultural pieces and such do not whisper one syllable to me.

So the other day, I was roaming my favorite wing. Slowly walking through the maze of Manet, Monet, Renoir and Courbet... Then I came across the Ballerinas. It was stunning. I got to thinking, What would happen if Edgar Degas were alive today and regularly came to my dojo to paint the Brawlers on the mat? With the way he captivates motion, it would certainly be a masterpiece. It probably wouldn't have the ethereal and statuesque qualities of a ballerina, but for sure magnificent. Now throw in some Techniques implied by Monet to portray light in an improvisational way. Quite awesome.

Speaking of art, this is my most recent work

Judo NYC

And yes, paintings are great... but my favorite form of art is still this...

Judo NYC

So I have been actively trying to grow Judo in NYC. I am an avid believer in the merits of Judo for everyone. I truly believe that Judo can improve the lives of the practitioners not only physically, but intellectually and emotionally. I achieved some success in World competition. I am not done just yet. But it is time for me to start giving back to the world. My first step to fulfilling this lifelong journey is to build awareness about the sport. Hence, I started this website.

Judo NYC

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you Tony!

When i was wrestling in High school, a really cool Westchester sports writer used to always cover the wrestling tourneys. 8 years later, he wrote one more about me. Here it is. Thanks Tony!

Chess tactics and judo

It's been a while since I've written and Big things have happened!  Although a long due brag fest would be most appropriate, I am not going to do that.  That is because I want to write about Chess.  Yes, chess. I love the game.  I first learned to play at a young age.  My uncle taught me how and although I liked it, I didn't have the patience to give myself the sit time to accel in the game.  Also, my progress was impeded by my severe ADHD.  I believe movement is medicine and since then have over-come that disability.  However, that is another post...  Chess.  I decided to trade private lessons with my friend and fellow judoka Chris.  He is an amazing chess player and I thought I can benefit my psychological aspect of judo through learning chess theory and tactics.  Here is what I have learned so far.

Advancement of the pawns= Grip fighting. (have to be strategical, placement crucial)

Developing your knight= ie:Uchimata you can hit from all angles.

Bishop=Diagnal attacks

Rooks=Straight back and forth, side to side

Diligent and strategical hand placement during grip fighting, can lead to the development of the 'pieces' to attack efficiently from many angles.

And queen...  Newaza?  Absolutely NOT!

Forks, skewers and pins...  Multiple combinations and threats to force check mate....

Anyways, it may seem stupid but I like it!  so That's that, until next time.  It's time to eat.

National Championships

When I woke up Friday for competition, I felt the touch of the World Championship team in the palm of my hands.  The excitement was overwhelming.  The anticipation of victory rang in my chest and I could feel the weight of the medal haning from my neck.  I was prepared and confident.  However I let it all slip away on account of one minor mistake in the Semi-finals against Djamaldin Aliev.  I ended up with a bronze medal instead of gold and the missed oppurtunity to fight in the World trial against the number 1 seed.  When I get hold of my matches, I will post them for you all to see.  The Nationals were an amazing experience not only because of my competition, but my fellow New Yorkers that enganged in War fighting out of the NYAC and the ITC.  Watching the best in the country scrap it out for the title representing the elitist of the elite, I was able to collect ideas for my own personal gain.  For example, some of the final matches were so educational and interesting.  I learned many things I am dying to test out and incorporate into my repertoir of tricks up my sleeve.  Today is the Monday back from the 2009 Nationals.  It's time to get on board and start my training from rough draftship.  Thank you for your support.  Congratulations to my NYAC and ITC fighters.