I want to be a minimalist

I want to be a minimalist more than anything in the world.  

Throughout my journey to attain such status, I've bought countless things to de-clutter my life.  I've bought apparatuses to open up the counter top space in my kitchen, to organize desk space, efficient storage furnishings in my living room and plus.  This behavior pattern only led to more clutter.  One day, I realized, I have lost the way in my quest to minimalist living.

How this happen?  I spent days and nights navigating through living space (both virtual and actual), stepping over and around things as if they were obstacles.  Just awful.  After taking a look at my habits, and myself, I noticed I’ve become a victim of consumerism.

Consumerist thinking to me, is an indoctrinated way of life.  It is inorganic. This sort of living is guided by the motto: “I want this, I want that, I need this, I need that, make money, spend money.”

So naturally you can see my conflict.  I wanted simple living and yet, I was affected by consumerist thinking.  Which led me to purchase things in order to have less things.  How can this work?  It cannot…

How can I beat this?

Meta cognitive understanding:  Understand yourself.  Digest this:  how unnatural it is for us to develop attachments to inanimate objects.  I’m not talking about the watch my father gave me upon completion of my Masters Degree, I’m talking about the feeling of ownership when you pick up a free pen at TD bank.  And that ticket stub from going to see Gravity on a memorable date.

Throw/give things away.  Just doing it.  That connection you have with those old jeans you never wear is unnatural and ridiculous!

Only buy things that are essential

So this was just a little self help blog to organize my thoughts.  Let's see how it goes....