Totally unrelated to Judo, but I have really been into art lately. I live near the Metropolitan Museum of art and I have been going regularly. I must say, I don't love ALL of it. I only like the Romantic, Realist and Impressionist paintings. The statues, cultural pieces and such do not whisper one syllable to me.

So the other day, I was roaming my favorite wing. Slowly walking through the maze of Manet, Monet, Renoir and Courbet... Then I came across the Ballerinas. It was stunning. I got to thinking, What would happen if Edgar Degas were alive today and regularly came to my dojo to paint the Brawlers on the mat? With the way he captivates motion, it would certainly be a masterpiece. It probably wouldn't have the ethereal and statuesque qualities of a ballerina, but for sure magnificent. Now throw in some Techniques implied by Monet to portray light in an improvisational way. Quite awesome.

Speaking of art, this is my most recent work

Judo NYC

And yes, paintings are great... but my favorite form of art is still this...