About me

Hello.  My name is Shintaro Higashi.  I am Judo. Ever since I can remember, I gave everything, to one thing faithfully. I was a professional combat athlete in pursuit of the Olympics. What a journey it has been. I travelled to over 20 countries, missed the London Olympics by a handful of world ranking slots, and made lifelong friends. It was an immersive life-education that helped me acquire many attributes that prepared me for life after. At this point, I feel I can deal with Anything. Like when seamless isn’t working, when there is nothing to watch on netflix, or when that line at Trader joes is out of control.

So that was a big part of my twenties and life is a bit different now. I spend my working moments building my Dojo located in my two dojos in Manhattan (Kokushi Budo Institute and Kano Martial arts). I am absolutely in love with teaching martial arts as an education.  During the off hours, I try to catch up on all that I’ve missed due to my full time athletes days. I dedicate enrichment days where i explore my inner Gourmet, as well as my Gourmand. And the appetite doesn’t stop at food.

On any given enrichment-day, you may find me roaming the Frick Collection, at an open rehearsal at the NY Philharmonic, discussing ideas with friends over a hot meal or cold drinks.

I live in Manhattan with my Beautiful daughter and baby mama. I am currently in getting my MBA at NYU as well.

Here are some of my accolades. Please enjoy my blog.

M.A.  Education
2x All State Wrestling, HS and NCAA
Beijing Olympic Trials qualifier
2x National Judo Champion
2x World Team member (2010, 2011)
3x World Cup Medalist (Brazil, Samoa, Miami)
Panamerican Grand Prix Silver Medalist
Former 43rd world rank
Sambo Pan American Champion
Sambo World Team Member
TGF NY Open BJJ Champion